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Since I rely on good (and I am talking about fast and reliable) internet connection, I wanted to start an article about the best co-working spaces across the Philippine islands (esp. for travellers who work online like myself). I got so frustrated with bullsh1t articles that were obviously either AI-generated by people who never really visited the places they were “writing” about or articles that were featuring places that had “wifi” with connections that would not even hit 10 Mbps on (neither download nor upload speed).

Anyway, I will start with this list today (29 May 2023) and updated it along the way. Please feel free to write a comment and / or send an e-mail to, so we can compose one of the very best resources regarding the best co-working spaces in the Philippines – maraming salamat po!

From Here (formerly Aspace in Crossroads Banilac, Cebu)

I would like to start with my most favourite place that I have visited first in 2016. Not only is their internet fast and reliable, I also like their interiors a lot – compared to the many other choices in nearby IT Park Cebu, I find “From Here” preferable for several reasons: the staff are great and very helpful, unlimited (good!) coffee, of course, good restaurant choices nearby, and also the coworkers are somehow are different crowd.

Common Crew, Panglao

The currently only place in Panglao, Bohol, that I would recommend. I have to admit though that their connection is not the best at times but all in all still the best place to work as a digital nomad in Panglao. An alternative choice might be the rather new Overgrown Café close to Alona Beach, Tawala, but the Overgrown is not a co-working space per se.

Villa Calí, Buddha’s, The Hub / Lokal, Siargao Island

Also Villa Calí is not a co-workings pace but comes closest to that definition. I have been to Siargao about a dozen times since 2010, and a good internet connection that is fast enough for conference calls via Zoom etc. was very rare. However, I was able to do phone calls at Villa Calí and can hence recommend it. Also in Siargao, there are interesting alternatives: if you want to combine co-working with an awesome stay, then kindly consider Buddha’s (the team around Ashley got Starlink a while a go), and also The Hub by Lokal Siargao started to advertise their co-working space (I believe in their restaurant in General Luna) – also highly recommended!

Flow Pool Club, Port Barton

Similar to Siargao Island, there are only restaurants in Port Barton, where digital nomads, and other online workers like myself can actually work. I was in Port Barton in May 2023, and was really struggling to find any hotel / accommodation with a fast wifi connection. Only the Flow Pool Club was good enough for Skype calls & Zoom calls.

Sourceaway Coworking Space, Tagbilaran City

Given that Bohol is one of the major tourist destinations, there are surprisingly few good places to work online. The only (!) coworking space in the whole province that had a fast and reliable internet connection was the Sourceaway Coworking Space located in the Galleria Luisa Mall.

coworking on Siquijor and Camiguin Island

Unfortunately, neither Siquijor Island nor Camiguin has places to my knowledge that are good enough to be listed here. I have stayed at Coco Grove Beach Resort (one of my favourite resorts in the whole country) but even their connection is still not reliable enough; it is usually good enough close to the pool at Casa Coco but if all guests are online, then even this might turn out to be too slow. In Camiguin, my wife and I stayed at the Camiguin ArtVilla where you might have the best shot at great internet (not 100% up but might be one of the best places in Camiguin as of now).

coworking in Davao City

Since I have stayed in Davao City mostly in an apartment close to the Ayala Mall, I can only say that the connection there was great most of the time. My friend Martin told me about the StartUpz Co-Working Space in the Casa Panolee Building which turned out to be also a great choice, so StartUpz would be my no. 1 recommendation for now in Davao City.